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Episode 10: How to Align Marketing and Sales.

Andrea Kayal, CMO at Upserve.

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This week we sit down with the insightful Andrea Kayal, CMO at Upserve to learn more how SMBs can align the sales and marketing teams to drive growth.


• Intro to Upserve and Andrea
• The difference between a platform and point solution
• Aligning KPI's with Sales and Marketing
• The third part of the business alignment strategy
• How to choose where to put your dollars: marketing vs. sales
• The technology behind good sales and marketing engines
• The Sales Stackr Hotseat
• Tools Mentioned in the Episode:

Apps and Tools Mentioned In this Episode:

• Marketo
• Salesforce
• InsideSales
• Yesware
• Calendly
• Survey Monkey
• Bizable
• Chili Piper
• GeckoBoard
• Insight Squared

• Show notes, resources and more at www.salesstackr.com

Connect with Andrea:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreakayal/