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Episode 7: Sales Onboarding.

Roderick Jefferson, CEO of Roderick Jefferson and Associates.

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This week I am joined by the incredibly talented and insightful Roderick Jefferson, CEO of Roderick Jefferson and Associates to talk about the value of sales enablement. He shares his best practices around laying the groundwork for any business to go from training to effective enablement of the sales team in the onboarding process.


• Intro to Roderick Jefferson and Roderick Jefferson and Associates
• Sales Onboarding: Why is it important? What are common mistakes?
• Training vs Enablement
• How long is the onboarding process?
• What are it’s key pillars/stages?
• Front Line Managers
• Onboarding Tools
• KPIs and Metrics of Onboarding
• The Sales Stackr Hot Seat

Apps and Tools Mentioned In this Episode:

Showpad: a sales enablement software that brings coaching, onboarding and content management among others under one roof.
MindTickle: another great sales onboarding, coaching, and learning management platform.
Lessonly: a learning management tool used by many of the world top companies.
Gong.io: one of the leading voice intelligence platforms for sales teams.
Chorus.ai: another one of the leading voice intelligence platforms for sales teams.
ExecVision: a player in the voice intelligence space for all types of teams.
Fireflies.ai: an up and coming voice intelligence industry leader for all types of teams.

Other Notes:


• Influenced by enablement:
• Accreditation and Certification % completion
• Average deal size
• Collateral usage and frequency
• New Pipeline created
• Number of closed deals
• Product Mix/cross sale rate
• Quota attainment percentage (quarter over quarter)
• Quota attainment percentage (annual)
• Time to revenue
• Win rate percentage
• Owned by enablement
• Ran out of time during the interview! To be continued...
KPI (Aberdeen)

• 2x more effective linking sales actions to revenue if successful and consistent Sales Enablement Program in place
• 83% more effective to tie to technology
• 58% finding, enablement and retaining top talent
• 24% higher individual quota attainment
• 32% higher team quota attainment
• 23% lead conversion

RJ’s Last Piece of Advice:

1. Don’t be afraid to work with an outside consultant

Connect with Roderick:


Email: info@roderickjefferson.com


Twitter: @thevoiceofrod